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flooded kitchen due to a burst pipe Durango, CA

Plumbing emergencies are the worst kind of surprise. They put a huge damper on your day, leaving you in a panic, wondering what to do. While there’s no way to predict when a plumbing emergency will occur, knowing the most common types can help you stay on your toes and be better prepared.

In our years of providing quality plumbing repair in Durango, CA, Element Plumbing has encountered the following plumbing emergencies most often:

Burst Pipes

Cold temperatures can cause the water inside the pipe to freeze and expand, putting pressure on the line and causing it to burst. When this happens, the resulting flood can cause extensive damage to your home. The best action in the event of a burst pipe is to shut off the water supply at the meter and call emergency plumbing services right away.

Sewer Backup

A completely blocked main sewer line can cause the wastewater to back up into your property. Not only is this a messy and nasty situation, but it also poses a serious health hazard as the sewage can contain dangerous bacteria and viruses. If you notice any signs of a sewer backup, such as water coming up through your drains or odd noises from your toilet or shower, call a plumber immediately to restore the flow before the situation worsens.

Leaky Water Heater

A water heater leak is often a sign of a bigger problem, such as corrosion or sediment buildup in the tank. Sadly, even with regular plumbing maintenance, this issue can still happen and, if not promptly addressed, can cause significant damage to your home and possessions. At the first sign of a leaking water heater, contact an experienced plumber who can inspect the unit and recommend a suitable repair.

In any plumbing emergency, it’s essential to turn to a reputable plumbing company like Element Plumbing. We can provide the quick and reliable service you need to get your home back in working order as soon as possible.

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