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The Expert in Trenchless Sewer Repair in Jackson, WY

Thanks to technological advancement in plumbing and sewer services, you can now get your sewer line fixed using trenchless sewer repair in Jackson, WY. Our team at Element Plumbing has exemplary skills in this work and performs your repairs within a short period. With over five decades of combined plumbing experience, you can never go wrong with our pros on the job.

What sets us apart is we are the leading trenchless company serving the area. We specialize in pipe bursting, patching, and CIPP. Be sure to contact us at the first sign of a sewer-related problem.

Benefits of Trenchless Sewer Repairs

As the name suggests, trenchless sewer repair methods do not involve digging out your sewer pipes. Techniques like trenchless pipe lining prevent disruption of your basement, driveway, or compound while accessing your lines. Additionally, the process is faster since we complete the work within a day, unlike the traditional method, which could take days.

Another perk of using minimally invasive approaches like trenchless pipe coating is the lower cost of repairs. You do not pay for manual labor to dig out your lines or to restore your foundation and compound after the work. Since the work mainly takes one day, you will not disrupt your regular schedule for long, thus saving you precious work time.


Signs You Need Trenchless Services

It is crucial that you keep monitoring your drainage performance to know when to contact us for trenchless pipe repair or replacement. Slow drains, a foul smell from the sinks, gurgling sounds when draining wastewater, and sewage backup are all signs of an obstruction in the system. By contacting our experts, you will save your home from a major inconvenience due to complete blockage of the lines.

When you notice wet or lush patches on your compound near where the sewer line passes, you need to call for an inspection immediately. This indicates that the wastewater has an escape point that supplies the ground with water and nutrients. A pipe bursting or lining may be necessary to address this completely.

How It Works

Our trenchless services involve various processes, namely:

  • Video inspection
  • Hydro jetting
  • Lining or pipe replacement

The camera inspection allows us to see the damage extent in your sewer line and know whether to solve the issue using trenchless sewer replacement or repair. We use a professional high-resolution camera that we insert inside the line and move it through the entire length as we monitor the pipes’ condition.

Hydro jetting allows us to remove any clogs, roots, and debris in the line. It clears the path for the camera and creates a clean surface to perform a CIPP pipe lining or another less invasive method. The lining process involves inserting an epoxy-filled liner into the existing space and allowing it to harden and form a new pipe. However, during replacement, we burst the old line and insert the special bursting head to create a new pipe within.


Issues We Address

Trenchless pipe replacement and lining help resolve all sewer line issues that prevent efficient wastewater drainage. Our experts at Element Plumbing use this technology to fix problems like root intrusion, leaks, corrosion, recurrent clogs, and wear and tear. We guarantee efficiency in every work we perform.


Why Choose Element Plumbing?

When you rely on Element Plumbing for your sewer repair, you will get outstanding services and enjoy the following perks:

Contact the Trenchless Experts

Make Element Plumbing your trenchless contractor in Jackson, WY, and enjoy quality repairs and replacement for all your sewer line needs. Our minimally invasive services can address a host of issues, from cracked pipes to pipe bursts. Call our team or fill out the form to schedule an appointment.